Global Youth Mentorship Initiative

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Training Today’s Brightest Minds to Solve Tomorrow’s Problems

We are committed to the empowerment, growth, and development of the youths through educational development, especially in the area of Mathematics, Science and Technology including ICT, Vocational and Entrepreneurial Skills Development.

Our programs are geared towards producing responsible youths with the requisite skills and adequately prepared to contribute meaningfully to the growth and development of the society.

We are a non-governmental organization based in Nigeria with the mission to provide free, life-changing and world-class training opportunities to youth around the world.


To educate youths on the importance of education in the field of the sciences as well as empower and prepare them for a fulfilling career in science and technology-based fields.
To empower the youths educationally, technically and economically with a view to encouraging them to be independent.
To enhance economic development through the identification and development of talented and promising students who can propel their respective nations to great heights in science, mathematics and other technology-based fields in the nearest future.
To organize and hold from time to time seminars, conferences, workshops, etc to increase the knowledge base of youths in furtherance of preparing them for a rewarding participation as professionals in the Petroleum and other technology-based sectors of the economy.
To partner with government agencies, international development partners and relevant organizations in Nigeria and other parts of the world towards the realization of the aims and objectives of the NGO.

Support Global Youth Mentorship Initiative

Your supports are highly counted on as we want to embark on helping youths across the length and breadth of Nigeria. Supports can be financial donations, technical support, providing information, working with us from different parts of the country and recommending us to others, etc. We shall appreciate all forms of support that can be given towards achieving the goals and objectives of this organization.

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